8 september // 2023 // Patricia

Klubb DÖD presents:

▲ TRAKKTOR – TraKKtor is one of Sweden’s longest Serving EBM acts and arguably the harshest Electronica act that has ever emerged from the North. Fusing freely from Cold wave, German modern EBM and Nordic black metal, TraKKtor have continuously taken strides to stand apart and singular. It’s Grim, it’s dark, it’s powerful and it’s grand. TraKKtor has performed to chanting crowds on stages across both Europe and the United States for over 20 years and after being away from the spotlight during the now ignored pandemic. We now make our return armed with a lot of new music and a rich history. This event is going to be something you don’t want to miss out on. Welcome to the perpetual apocalypse! Now dance!

▲ KROPPSKONTROLL – Kroppskontroll is a Swedish EBM band based in Stockholm, known for their captivating blend of modern and old school electronic body music. The trio consists of Patrik on vocals, Tess on drums, and Leia on the keytar, bringing together a unique combination of powerful vocals, energetic beats, and melodic synth lines.

▲ ATER – The singer/composer in Ater, Lars Jansson, started to make music in the dawn of synth. The first band was called Industri but soon it became Ater Koma With Jouni Olilla as grand synth master and Lars on vocals. That band went into oblivion in the 90’s. Now several decades later Lars does an attempt to revive his synth pop career. He found a great new companion in Patrik Adolfsson (from Kroppskontroll) who took Larses ruff song sketches and created great synth pop gems. Ater is all about emotions, to give a voice to those who once loved but lost it on the way. We want to dig deep but in a happy-sad way. The cure is to dance and shout all the way back to life. So put on your best synth pop outfit and let’s celebrate our short time in the limelight.

▲ YOUTHANASIA – Youthanasia is a two-piece experimental electronic band formed in the mid-2000s by two musicians with very different musical backgrounds. One member is a fan of aggressive EBM and industrial music, while the other member is more inspired by classical music and future pop. The band’s music is a fusion of these two disparate influences, creating a sound that is both dark and beautiful, aggressive and melodic. Their songs often feature driving beats, harsh synths, and soaring vocals, but they also incorporate elements of classical music, such as string arrangements and piano melodies. Youthanasia has been on and off since their formation, but recently started to release their music on streaming sites. The band’s name, Youthanasia, is a play on words that combines the words “euthanasia” and “youth.” It reflects the band’s belief that society is killing the potential of young people by crushing their dreams and forcing them to conform to a narrow set of expectations. The band sees youth as a time of great potential, and they believe that it is being wasted by a system that is designed to keep people down. Youthanasia is a unique and challenging band, but their music is also incredibly rewarding. If you’re looking for something different, something that will challenge your preconceptions of what electronic music can be, then you should definitely check them out.


• Doors open at 20:00
• Live from 20:30
• Patricia, Ⓣ-Mariatorget, Söder Mälarstrand Kajplats 19
• Age limit 20
• Pre sale 200 SEK + fee

With support from Kulturrådet, Stockholm stad & Region Stockholm and in collaboration with Amplified Medborgarskolan.