26 February // 2016 // Nalen Klubb

▲ T × R × P – Trepaneringsritualen explores themes of religion, magic and the occult realms of consciousness, taking its musical cues from the old school of ritual ambient & death industrial. Rhythmic and seething at times, and oozing forward with a creeping sense of desolation, Trepaneringsritualen conjures forth bleak but mesmerizing visions of the end-times.

Trepaneringsritualen, one of many nom de guerre of Thomas Martin Ekelund, has been active since 2008, with releases on labels like Cold Spring, Pesanta Urfolk, Malignant, Silken Tofu, Hanson, iDEAL, Release The Bats and Black Horizons to name but a few. Trepaneringsritualen have performed countless live rituals across the world, including festival such as Stella Natura, Wave Gothic Treffen, and opening slots for a broad spectrum of artists including Old Man Gloom, Circle, Bölzer and many more.


▲ CELLDÖD – Anders Karlsson’s Celldöd project has earned plenty of attention over the last year. Celldöd’s debut release “Pulsdisco” came from the exact spot where techno and EBM meet and become entwined to the point of inseparability. Anders Karlsson’s all hardware productions approach that fertile intersection of styles with a specific kind of rigorous minimalism, focused in spite of the deliberate roughness in their construction. That quality is enhanced by Karlsson’s deliberate use of cheap and unreliable vintage equipment, exploring the boundaries of control with a limited and sometimes fickle set of tools. This is heavily recommended, people!



DJ Kollaps

• Dörrarna öppnar kl. 21:00
• Nalen Klubb
• Ⓣ-Hötorget, David Bagares gata 15
• Entré 150 kr i dörren
• 18 år

Celldöd på scen kl. 22:00
Trepaneringsritualen på scen kl. 23:15