31 maj // 2024 // Sjätte Tunnan

Dear friends and followers,
It is getting quite warm indeed, so time to refresh ourselves up, and to help you feeling even better, after another successful spell playing ghoulish tunes in Leipzig, DJ Dini, stalwart of the scene with her Klubb Död, will show us the new songs of the Dark Future! She’ll share time with DJ Locitus, talented born again newcomer, and resident djak as well.

At our traditional heartland in the Old Town.




Bauhaus – Burning From The Inside
Dead Can Dance – A Passage In Time
Night In Athens – Words Unspoken
Fatamorgana – Mirar
This Cold Night – Black Cathedral
Sally Dige – Immaculate Deception
Paradox Obscur – Twilight
Hände – Kryształowa Noc
Brandenburg – Holy Places
Convex Model – Strange Machine
Witches’ Rune – Twilight
13th Chime – Coffin Maker
My Own Burial – Stairs
Missvnaries ov Charity – Rosy
Asmodi Bizarr – Spin The Wheel
Night People – More Than Rust
Deadchovsky – Children Of Tomorrow
The Eternal Afflict – Childhood
Silent Star – To Hell Or To Hackney (Too Late)
Abu Nein – Unwanted
Tony’s Tears – Country
Social Station – Fallout
Sixth June – Back For A Day
Cult Club – Why Do You Go?
Sextile – Visions Of You
Bacial – War Scene
Release The Bats – Unacceptable Behaviour
Mystic Priestess – Smoke & Mirrors
Bat Nouveau – Dust
Joy Division – Shadowplay
Brända Barn – Allt Står I Frågor
Yngves Hundar – Prestera
Babylon Blues – Har Vi Inte Grävt För Många Hål?
Strasse – Hunger