Psyche // Augen X // Undertheskin

22 October // 2016 // Nalen Klubb

▲PSYCHE – Canada’s best known dark synthpop-act. An enduring legend of independent electronic music. From cold harsh industrial, through warm synthpop, dancefloor minimal, dark wave, and beyond. Best known for their hits “Unveiling The Secret”, “Eternal”, “Misery”, “Sanctuary”, “15 Minutes”, and their world renowned version of Q Lazzarus’ “Goodbye Horses”. To date, Psyche has released 11 full length albums, several compilations, and a DVD entitled “Imaginary Life” which includes video and live appearances spanning the formative years from as early as 1983 up to 2005. Songwriter and vocalist Darrin Huss is renowned for his passionate stage performance and continues to thrill audiences with his diverse collection of material, style and presentation. Do not miss this!

▲AUGEN X – Death disco/coldwave from Warsaw. For the second time at Klubb DÖD, the band are musically eclectic: combines into one of the best and most fascinating music genres which have underground roots directly in the 80’s atmosphere. Move back in time with us.

▲UNDERTHESKIN – One-man project from Kraków, driven by coldness and suggestive simplicity. Analogue production, dark atmosphere, sound of the 80s’ drum machines & synths, cold bass pulse, shoegazing/post-punk guitars and ice-cold voices. Feel it under your skin!


DJ Haking

• Dörrarna öppnar kl. 20:00
• Nalen Klubb
• Ⓣ-Hötorget, David Bagares gata 15
• 18 år