01 April // 2023 // Patricia

Vi är så glada att Ploho äntligen återvänder till Stockholm (den tidigare inplanerade konserten ställdes in pga pandemin)! Kvällen till ära får vi dessutom finbesök av Stockholms främsta shoegaze/postpunkband Principe Valiente!

▲ PLOHO – Ploho has emerged as a household name in their native Russia in recent years, slowly building up a dedicated fanbase in Europe and abroad. The band was formed by singer and guitarist Victor Uzhakov in 2013, who enlisted Andrei Smorgonsky on bass and Igor Starshinov on synths. Together, the threesome are one of the most prominent purveyors of the newly dubbed “new wave of Russian music”, dark Soviet era-inspired post-punk sometimes referred to as “Russian Doom”, taking a broad range of influences from the 80s from acts ranging from bands such as Bioconstructor and Kino.

They appeared at prominent festivals including Боль in Russia, Kalabalik in Sweden, and Platforma in Lithuania.

The band is nowadays located in Serbia.

▲ PRINCIPE VALIENTE – If you have ever visited the world of Principe Valiente, the ten songs on the new album “Barricades” will feel pleasantly familiar. The dramatic soundscape rises like a fairytale forest around the singer Fernando Honorato’s warm and unassailable voice. It’s all in there, the beautiful melodies, the post punk energy and the cinematic drama. At the same time, it is the quartet’s most intimate album to date. On “Barricades”, the songs have grown out of melodies and chords rather than guitar riffs. Lyrically, Honorato has been seeking new paths. In the dark and sometimes desperate tone, there is always a streak of hope. On “Barricades”, the band’s first album on American label Metropolis Records, Principe Valiente shows its full breadth as a band.

In May 2022 the band was touring with one of the most legendary band of the all time – The Sisters of Mercy.


DJ Blacknova & DJ Darklark

• Dörrarna öppnar kl. 20:00
• Principe Valiente går på scen 21:00
• Ploho går på scen 22:00
• Ⓣ-Mariatorget, Söder Mälarstrand Kajplats 19
• 20 år
• Förköp 220 kr + serviceavgift

Vi gör vårt yttersta för att evenemanget ska kunna besökas av alla. Kontakta oss på för frågor om tillgänglighet.

Med stöd från Kulturrådet & Region Stockholm samt i samarbete med Amplified Medborgarskolan.



1) Тунельний робітник (Tunneler) – The Last Passenger
2) Залипаешь (You Get Stuck) – Черви
3) a ja – La Santé
4) Reflection II – Pindrops
5) Gott – Ship Her Son
7) Body on Body – Eozdis
8) Welcome To Hell – Miseria
9) Narcissus – TEATRE
10) No Gold – Black Nail Cabaret
11) Где-то там вдали – Morwan
12) Convulsion – Sexual Purity
13) You – Tepla
14) Русская принцесса – Электрофорез (Electroforez)
15) Glorydisco – Hungry Boys
16) Sacred Moscow Spirit – Gegen Mann
17) chleb z kokainą – Sukabura
18) SUICIDE – Farba Kingdom
19) industria – MEKONG
20) Sansara / Samsara – Кузина (Kuzina)
21) A Poison Tree* – Bedless Bones
22) Bullet of Love (Kurs Valüt) – Bedroom Talks
24) Words Unsaid – I Tpame I Tvrame
25) Uroboros – Fractions & Zanias
26) Your Body v.2 – NNHMN
27) Fosforinis Baseinas – Solo Ansamblis
28) Deprived of Substance – Hollow Reflection
29) Полупустые автобусы (Uninhabited Buses) – Icy Men
30) Kaukes – Egzotikka
31) Ni – Kurs Valüt
32) Himn – Nürnberg
33) Планеты (Planets) – Proizvodstvo Proizvola
34) Los, zguba – Wieże Fabryk
35) Black Case – Dlina Volny
36) \\ BURN – undertheskin
37) Спадщина (Legacy) – ГАРТ
38) Ghost – STRIDULUM
39) 1984 – The Segments
40) Воровка ССС – Zirkular Dion
41) doma molchat – Molchat Doma
42) Holy places – BRANDENBURG
43) Velvet – Stаs Lenin Bаnd