13 december // 2023 // Hus 7

Klubb DÖD presenterar stolt:

▲ OF THE WAND & THE MOON – Mainman Kim Larsen’s inspirations from 60-70’s singer/songwriters such as Lee Hazlewood, Leonard Cohen and Serge Gainsbourg, as well as movie soundtracks from the same period. But most importantly – developing the sound from former album “The Lone Descent” (2011). On the other hand, it still maintains some of the dark neo-folk roots of the band – but is still a huge step musically into brand new directions as well. The album also includes guest performances by King Dude, legendary Danish singer/author/artist Martin Hall (who also wrote the liner notes for the album), as well as several other household names on the Danish scene such as Uffe Lorenzen (Baby Woodrose), Bo Rande (Blue Foundation) and Sarah Hepburn (Kloster a.o.). Of The Wand & The Moon started as a solo project by Kim Larsen in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1998 when he was still a member and composer in doom-metal band Saturnus. The debut album “Nighttime Nightrhymes” was released in 1999 and was a dark folk/neo-folk album that received quite some attention in both neofolk, goth and metal scenes. With the second album “Emptiness Emptiness Emptiness” (2001), the sound of Of The Wand & The Moon had developed much, and is considered a neo-folk/dark folk classic these days. A lot of touring allowed all over Europe, as Larsen had assembled several live-members for his touring band.


▲ MOUTH WOUND – Mouth Wound is the solo project of Danish multi-instrumentalist Trine Paaschburg. She utilizes noise, textured soundscapes, repetitive heavy elements and draws in live acoustic drone sampling with expanded vocal techniques. The music deals with themes such as physical/existential malaise and the search for tranquil, an expression that has been described as alluringly meditative yet masochistic when experienced live.



DJ Schneidler

• Dörrarna öppnar kl. 20:00
• Live från ca kl. 21:00
• Ⓣ-Globen, Styckmästargatan 10
• 18 år
• Förköp 200 kr + avgift

Vi gör vårt yttersta för att evenemanget ska kunna besökas av alla. Kontakta oss på info@klubbdod.se för frågor om tillgänglighet.



DJ Schneidler

Current 93 – If a city…
Nurse With Wound – Untitled (track 3 on Alice the Goon)
Cremation Lily – Washed through glass
Cabaret Voltaire – BN9drone
Mircalla – Slithering Social Engineering
Fever Ray – Coconut
Recoil – Intruders
Diamanda Galás – Interlude
Miro Snejdr – But what ends when the symbols shatter
Lamia Vox – At the crossroads of the world
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – From Copenhagen with love
Einstürzende Neubauten – Seele brennt
Michael Cashmore – Witness the first codes of the new creation
Die Krupps – Stahlwerksinfonie B
Cabaret Voltaire – BN9drone, forts.