Klubb DÖD presenterar The Frozen Autumn (IT) + Ras Bolding (DK) 14/2

14 February // 2015 // Nalen Klubb

▲THE FROZEN AUTUMN started as a solo project of Diego Merletto, founded 1993 after several years of involvement with various darkwave groups in Turin, Italy since 1987. The singer, keyboardist and synth programmer employed the talents of guitarist Claudio Brosio during early studio sessions and live performances. In 1995 the debut album “Pale Awakening” was released for the label Weisser Herbst. During the same year the duo performed abroad for the first time at Die Insel, Berlin historic location situated on an isle of river Spree. The band’s second album “Fragments Of Memories” was released in December 1997 with the debut as a singer of a very young Froxeanne. Several successful live gigs in Italy and Germany followed, climaxing in April 1998 at Tenax in Florence, Claudio’s last concert with TFA. Immediately afterwards, Diego Merletto & Froxeanne (vocals and keyboards) conceive a side-project, named STATIC MOVEMENT. This side-project experience was important because it laid the foundations for the so-called “electronic shift” of TFA. Several concerts followed, all arousing great interest. In 2004 the the band finally played live outside Europe, namely in Chile and in Peru. In 2015, we finally get to see them in Sweden!




▲RAS BOLDING is from Odense, Denmark. His music combines elements of synth, post-punk and goth with hints of techno, electronica and 8 bit, focusing on strong melodies and eclectic lyrics about life and death in the digital age, fueled by a tad misanthropy and a dark sense of humor. Bolding has performed numerous concerts over the years, in many different settings, including posh art museums, underground punk clubs, SM parties, the lot. On stage he surrounds himself with synthesizers of four decades and he plays a Commodore 64 live by hand. Add to this new wave vocals, synthetic hair colors, neon tubes and three color laser show. For this concert Ras Bolding will be flanked by The Quartermaster on bass and light pedals and Andreas Innocentius Wandegren of Morlocks and Dark Side Cowboys on synth and guitar. Bolding is the founder of Danish alternative music club, Klub Golem, writes occasionally for Gaffa and once met Karlheinz Stockhausen – at a toilet.





DJ Dead Doll

• Dörrarna öppnar kl. 21:00.
• Nalen Klubb – i samarbete med ABF & Pussy A Go
• Ⓣ-Hötorget, David Bagares gata 15
• 18 år

Biljetter: http://www.nalen.com/konsert/2015/the-frozen-autumn-ras-bolding/

Ras Bolding på scen kl. 21.45.

The Frozen Autumn på scen kl. 22.45.