Klubb DÖD presenterar SHE PAST AWAY (TR) live 6/9

06 September // 2014

*** Lördagen den 6:e september får vi finbesök av inga mindre än She Past Away. Senast kunde vi se dem live på Klubb Kalabalik i Alvesta. ***

▲ She Past Away is a Turkish darkwave band formed in 2006. The duo consists of Volkan Caner (guitar, vocals) and Idris Akbulut (bass).

Their first demo, Kasvetli Kutlama (Gloomy Celebration) was released in 2010 with three tracks: Kasvetli Kutlama, Ruh, Bozbulanık. Their debut album, Belirdi Gece (The Night Emerged) was released in 2012. Their music mostly resembles of 80’s and early 90’s classic darkwave, but they are influenced by new wave, post punk, Neue Deutsche Welle and Coldwave as well. The Sisters Of Mercy, Joy Division, Asylum Party, Death in June, Clan Of Xymox, DAF, The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees admittedly made great impact on their music style. At the beginning they were more following of electronic and dark wave trends, then they turned to guitar-bass based melodies.

She Past Away is a well-recognised and popular band in the scene from the current era, their Turkish lyrics have become a part of their uniqueness.


DJ Liouxsie Lioux

Dörrarna öppnar kl. 20:00.
She Past Away på scen ca kl. 22:00.

The Liffey, i källaren – i samarbete med ABF & Pussy A Go Go
Stora Nygatan 40, Gamla Stan
21 år, 18 år med medlemskort (fixas i dörren)
Inget förköp, 100 kr betalas i entrén