Klubb DÖD på Nalen Klubb

20 september // 2014


Clan of Xymox – A day

Borghesia – Taklo mladi

Soviet Soviet – Introspective Trip

No More – I still bear the scars

Screaming for Emily – The love

Future Islands – Balance

Soft Kill – Borders Comfort

Cop Shoot Cop – Surprise surprise

Kittens for Christian – Salamander

Horror Vacui – Corvus Corvax

Musta Paraati – Metalliset Kasvot

Iron Curtain – Legalize heroin

KXP – Pockets

Karl Biscuit – La Morte

Moonface – I’m not the Phoenix yet

Fangs on Fur – Cigarette

La Femme – Amour dans le motu

Josef K – Sorry for Laughing

X-mal Deutschland – Mondlicht

Petroleum by-product – Ain’t got no money

This Mortal Coil – Not me

Strasse – Långsam krasch

A Certain Ratio – Långsam krasch

Siekiera – Bez Konca

Kai Martin & Stick! – Dans är synd

Magazine – The light pours out of me

Keluar – Cleo

Blitzkrieg Baby – Your happy place

Lebanon Hanover – Stahlwerk

Noi Kabat – I corrode

Bellwether Syndicate – All fire

Colin Newman – Alone

Einsturzende Neubauten – Let’s do it a dada

Led er Est – Lonesome XOXO

Cosmic Overdose – Modern Data

Trust – FTF

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Talk about the Weather (request)

Tones on Tail – Go!

Charles de Goal – Hop Hop Hop Hop

Bill Nelson – Out of touch

Fad Gadget – Rickys hand

Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons – Blätta

Kabuki – My hair

Killing Joke – Follow your leaders

Frustration – Dying city

Camouflage – Tornman