Klubb DÖD på Nalen Klubb

5 mars // 2015


Kite – Wishful summer night

Geometric Vision – Solitude of the trees

Primal Danse – Johannesburg

Theives of Silence – Kaliayer

Kas Product – So young but so cold

This cold night – JS

Schonwald – Mercurial

Blood and Roses – I spit upon your grave

Tempers – Strange harvest

Deathday – Dropped into obscurity

The leather nun – Gimmie gimmie gimmie

MOTH – Obelion disco

Ascetic – Pharmacy

Cassandra Complex – Motheread

Silent Scream – Spirit Invocation

Special Information Tonic – Big data

Twice of Man – Decay

Kirlian Cameras – Blue room

Eva O – Angel of Death


All you sister – Come feel

Ash Code – Empty room

XTR Human – Miller’s love

Led er est – Lonesome XOXO

Frustration – Dying city

Night Gallery – Marry bell

Minuit Machine – Alienation

M!R!M – Liebe Manchen

Winter Severity Index – The wiser

Phosphor – One night in Rome

Dream Affair – The porter

Cult of Youth – New west

Soror Dolorosa – Beau suicide

Keluar – Cleo

She Past Away – Kemir Beni

Temper – What isn’t there

Kite – True colours

Ortrotasce – Lost concept

This Mortal Coil – Song of the siren