Klubb DÖD på Bröderna Olsson

29 augusti // 2015

Kim och Philip plåstrar om våra själar.
Misery loves company. You should incorporate!



Legendary Pink Dots – Torchsong

Linear Movement – The Game

Gang of Four – Damaged Goods

Parade Ground – Strange World

The Horrors – Mirrors Image

Leathernun – I Can Smell Your Thoughts

//Tense// – Versus Man

Tredje Mannen – Väggen

Human League – The Sound of the Crowd

Der Noir – Private Ceremony

Dance Society – Angel

The Normal – TVOD

Hemgraven – Kains Irrläror

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Some Candy Talking

Blouse – Time Travel

Iron Curtain – Tarantula Scream

A Grümh – Edito

Vanligt Folk – Idioter av Församlingen

Wulfband – 321 Nein

Spark – Glassbil

Ministry – My Possession

Art/Fact – Whom are you Dancing for?

Feeding Fingers – Fireflies make us Sick

The Cramps – Human Fly

Trans X – Living on Video

SS Say – Care


Winter Severity Index – A Sudden Cold

Penetration – Don’t Dictate

Sad Lovers & Giants – Lost In A Moment

Iron Curtain – Shadow

Pink Turns Blue – Missing You

Demonen – Det Lilla Robotspöket

The Sound – Heartland

Noi Kabat – Make Room!

In Letter Form – Again

Skeleton Hands – Oxygen

The Sound – The Fire

A Place To Bury Strangers – In Your Heart

Oto – Anyway

Diskoteket – Slit Ut Ditt Hjärta

Tempers – Eyes Wild Wilder

Millimetric feat. Beta Evers – Manic Depression

Kropp – Vad Ska Du Ha På Dig Ikväll

Youth Code – For I Am Cursed

77tm – She Likes To Watch You

The Vanishing – Still Lifes

Tobias Bernstrup – Surround

White Birches – You Will Find A Fire

Vex – Rushing To Hide

Holograms – A Sacred State

Agent Side Grinder – Die To Live

Then Comes Silence – There’s A Sound

Demonen – Demonen

Electronic Circus – Direct Lines