Klubb DÖD på Bröderna Olsson

10 November // 2018

Då var det dags igen!
Döden DJar på allas favoritvitlöksbar Bröderna Olsson. Tvivla ej, bara kom!

I samarbete med ABF.


Fuzzbox – Wait and See

Joy Disaster – Senseless tales

Veil of Light – Cold skin

Ghost Dance – When I Call

Lowlife – Hollow Gut

Silent Scream – Spirit Invocation

Pink Turns Blue – When the hammer comes down

Special Information Tonic – Big Data

Novocaine Mausoleum – Ballet for the masses

Department S – Is Vic there?

Xymox – Obsession

Frustration – No trouble

Xmal Deutschland – Sickle moon

Naked Lunch – Fade away

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Mirage

Crystal Castles – Empathy

The The – I’ve been waiting for tomorrow (all of my life)

Audra – What your eyes had seen

Transfigure – Lonely days

UV Pop – Serious

Psyche – Disorder

Lost Loved Ones – Echos of the past

Icicle Works – Understanding Jane

Gene Loves Jezebel – Sweet sweet rain

Blood and Roses – I spit upon your grave

Boy Harsher – Motion