28 mars // 2024 // Dream Baby Dream

🦇 Klubb DÖD at Dream Baby Dream 🦇

The Swedish goth club Klubb DÖD will make its first appearance at Berlin’s Dream Baby Dream, stimulating your circuits with a choice of gothic bangers 🍷 Expect a melange of postpunk, deathrock and darkwave.

– DJ sets by Klubb DÖD crew
– 21:00 – 00:00




Forever Grey – The Style
Diakova – Kill you
Torch – She Will Roam
This Cold Night – Dead Cold Autumn
Fontaines D.C. – I Don’t Belong
The Essence – Nothing
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Push
White Russia – Emotions Had Slipped
The Sound – Skeletons
Mission – When Thunder Comes
Artery – I Open My Eyes And Walk
Bambara – Serefina
Blitz – Flowers And Fire
Baical – War Scene
Chain Cult – Shallow Grave
Lifeless Past – Miles Away
Cortex – Mind Of Darkness
Little Nemo – Cadavres
Every New Dead Ghost – A New World
Killing Joke – Bigg Buzz
Ghost Dance – Down The Wire
Diaframma – Siberia
Missvnaries ov Charity – Cvm again
Release The Bats – Unacceptable Behavior
Nouvelle Phenomene – Au Fond De Mon Coeur
Lycia – A Failure
My Own Burial – A Dry Flower
Soft Kill – Whirl
Sydney Valette – Safety
Yusyus – Ticking Clocks
Excellent Accident – A Radiation
Magazine – Shot