15 december // 2017 // Riche Lilla Baren

Döden drar till Öfvre ännu en gång, för att svärta ner era själar med mörka beats och skräning postpunk.

Ni vet att ni vill.

Ses i mörkret / Döden


Derniere Nuit – Message

Kaelan Mikla – Kalt

Eagulls – Tough Luck

Traitrs – Speak In Tounges

Agent Blå – Derogatory Embrace

A Projection – No Light

The Chameleons – Don’t Fall

Whispering Sons – Wall

Keluar – Ennoea

Holograms – Sacred State

Lust Era – Tyrant

All Your Sisters – Come Feel

Paper – Coming From You

Holygram – Still Here

Ceremony – Cold Cold Night

The Sound – Heartland

True Moon – Sugar

Ss-say – Care

Death Of Lovers – Cold Heaven

Die Selektion – Du Rennst

Nightmare Fortress – A Life Worth Leaving

Siekiera – Nowa Aleksandria

The Sound – The Fire

Lords Of The New Church – New Church

Beastmilk – You Are Now Under Our Control

Death Of Flowers – Death’s Got A Hold On Me

Skeleton Hands – Oxygen

Iron Curtain – The Condos

Tempers – Strange Harvest

Boy Harsher – Pain

Lost Sounds – And You Dance

In A Lonely Place – Run

Future – Skylights

True Moon – Voodoo

77tm – She Likes To Watch You

Electronic Circus – Direkt Lines

Cortex – In The Mind Of Darkness


Dead Can Dance – The Trial

Killing Joke – In Cytheria

The Wraith – Dolor

Crimson Scarlet – The Widow

Ritual Howls – Final Service

Geometric Vision – Another day without blue

True Moon – Guns

Minuit Machine – June 7

Killing Joke – Absolute Dissent

Rendez-vous – Distance

Then Comes Silence – Feed The Beast

Cortex – Fear Of Glass

Die Selektion – Unter Die Haut

Sextile – Visions Of You

Silent Scream – Haunted

Strasse – Kamouflage

Light Asylum – Dark Allies

Soft Kill – Vacant Home

Killing Joke – Euphoria

Undertheskin – wave

Baical – Yr Lips

The bellicose minds – Engulfed

Days Of Sorrow – Wild World

13th Chime – witch tree lane

Then Comes Silence – The Rest Will Follow

The Sisters Of Mercy – Body Electric

Oingo Bongo – Dead Man’s Party

Whispering Sons – Performance (remix by B)

Human League – Night People

RA – 040

Moth – Oblivion Disco

Killing Joke – European Super State

Keluar – Cleo

Prayers – Young Gods

Crimson Scarlet – Rouged Corpse

L’obscurite – Are You With Us