24 februari // 2024 // Hus 7

FutureRetro and Klubb DÖD proudly presents:

Buzz Kull [Australia]
Bragolin [Netherlands]
Potochkine [France]
DJ: Darklark (Sweden)

Buzz Kull
Buzz Kull is the creative project of Sydney-based musician Marc Dwyer. Since 2012, Buzz Kull has carved out a niche as one of the darker, more subversive acts undertowing the Australian electronic landscape. Dwyer has released three albums under the Buzz Kull moniker, 2017’s Chroma and 2018’s New Kind of Cross, 2022’s Fascination. He has collaborated with the likes of Liars, Ellen Alien and Death Bells. Buzz Kull transcends the archetypal boundaries of Darkwave. A connexus linking pop sensibilities with spectral, foreboding emotional states that go beyond the circumstantial. A shadowplay of nauseating synth lines and downcast, pounding drum machines that conjure up a desolate void.

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Bragolin is a Dutch post-punk/dark wave project by Edwin van der Velde. The music contains influences from various decades with ‘80s baritone guitar, synths and drummachines, ’60s/’70s organs and ’90’s Shoegaze guitars. The lyrics are inspired by post-apocalyptic and horror movies. Bragolin is named after the Italian painter Giovanni Bragolin, famous for his crying boy paintings. In 2018 the debut album ‘I Saw Nothing Good So I Left’ was released with ‘Into Those Woods’ as the first music video. The song with its sticky baritone melody by now is a modern dance floor classic. The album was produced by Van der Velde together with former band member Isolde Woudstra, who also takes credit for the iconic album cover. The album was co-produced and mixed by René Jongeneelen, with whom Van Der Velde also worked on various records of the Dutch Wave project Zwarte Poëzie. The album was released by Young & Cold Records on Vinyl and CD and by now had three represses. From 2018 Maria Karssenberg joined Bragolin on stage. The duo played over 40 shows at various festivals and parties across Europe including Wave Gotik Treffen, Extramuralhas, Waveteef, Kalabalik and Grauzone. For the second album released in 2019, Van Der Velde teamed up with Adam Tristar to write the ‘Bragolin vs Adam Tristar’ album ‘Let Out The Noise Inside’. Instead of a split release it is a true cooperation featuring the electronic sound of Adam Tristar combined with the dark atmospheres and vocals of Bragolin. From 2020 Edwin Daatselaar joined Bragolin as synth player to form the current live duo. Both Edwins also play together in Zwarte Poëzie.

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Two souls and a powerful spell. Potochkine is a French duo who has gained a very good live reputation. The music is a mix of dark techno, synth-punk and coldwave.

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