Bleib Modern (DE) // Isobel & November

06 October // 2017 // Nalen Klubb

Klubb DÖD presenterar stolt den tyska shoegaze/post punk-sensationen!

▲ BLEIB MODERN (DE) – After relentlessly touring around Europe the past couple of years, they took a break in Berlin to lay down what was to become their most mature and fascinating record so far, “Antagonism”. A true sonic assault at the service of a bleak sensibility. Amongst the expected throbbing shoegaze hymns, a craft that they have been perfecting since their debut. By shaping a new and more solar sound, the band shows themselves ready to take over a new and wider audience.

Bleib Modern is Philipp, Vinz, Peter, Leo & Tommy.

▲ ISOBEL & NOVEMBER – Isobel & November from Gävle began as a solo project in the late 90s, where singer/writer Per-Erik Söderberg played the songs on his hollow, heavily tuned down Gretsch. With the help of joining members, the band soon began experimenting with sound and texture, which made Isobel the droning, pounding, Kraut and Psych-quartet it is today.


DJ’s Henric de la Cour & Tess Törner.

• Dörrarna öppnar kl. 21:00
• Nalen Klubb
• Ⓣ-Hötorget, David Bagares gata 15
• 18 år

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Isobel & November på scen 22:00
Bleib Modern på scen 23:00