Bestial Mouths (US)

02 April // 2016 // Nalen Klubb

“We dream each other,” the Voice whispers, and in a great new darkness you drink this knowledge in discarnate wonder as the teeth close around you.

▲BESTIAL MOUTHS (US) – Post Punk / Synth Industrial

Bestial Mouths blends hammering, cacophonous percussion and industrialized synthetics, wrapped in the lyrics of euphoric dread. The howls and screams of vocalist Lynette Cerezo, together with the harsh and gothic synth punk instrumentals, takes the shape of a ritual as much as a concert.

The cerebral chaos of Bestial Mouths is an invitation to dream darkly, a monstrous glamour to dazzle the eyes of the spirit – their texts a prayer to unlocking secrets of the shattered soul.
What salvation you might find there is purely coincidental.

The new ‘Heartless’ 12″ will be out soon on Cleopatra Records, and we are both happy and proud to welcome the band to Stockholm and Klubb DÖD!


DJ Guccigoth & Rickard Di Död

• Dörrarna öppnar kl. 21:00
• Nalen Klubb
• Ⓣ-Hötorget, David Bagares gata 15
• 150 kr (ej förköp)
• 18 år