Batshit Club (queer play party + goth dance floor + more!)

12 april // 2024 // Skyddsrummet

🦇You are invited to a night of radical queer pleasure🦇

The dream has come true! Finally, a big kinky club in Stockholm with a decent play area, a killer goth dance floor and a social area all to ourselves queer bastards! What makes this cooler is that the venue literally looks like a fucking cave!!! The perfect place for our queer kinky goth hearts!

Come find new play partners or bring your play partner(s) and play in the exquisite play area with modern and unique kinky furniture and items.

Batshit club is created by trans people especially for trans and queer perverts who don’t fit into what the queer kinky scene in Stockholm is offering. By queer we mean you are not a cisgender straight person and you strongly identify with the queer label and believe in queer liberation for all of the community.

The party is focused on playing, meeting new people, dancing, mingling, finding new play partners, exploring new dimensions of sensuality, and community building. We are bringing modern, unique and top-notch kinky furniture manufactured by great kinky engineers!

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There will also be a speed dating event (in English) for people who want to meet new people in the night and play with new people, however the party is designed in a way that you can approach people over the whole night and ask them if they want to play with you. The participation in the speed dating event is of course optional.

Apart from the speed dating, we will also be distributing green wrist bands in the party, if someone is wearing the green wristband it means they are up for meeting and playing with new people. During the party you can take off and on the wristband if you want.

DJ Dini & DJ Blacknova from Klubb DÖD will create an epic killer goth dance floor with a thrilling selection of spooky darkwave tunes to get all beautiful bats moving!


The party is organized by Velvet Venus and friends. Velvet Venus is a worker-owned and feminist sex shop. visit us at


Membership and tickets:
You need to be a member of batshit club in order to be able to buy a ticket. The membership is open to everyone and is free of charge.

The pricing for tickets:
– Early birds: 300 kr – SOLD OUT
– Regular tickets: 350 kr – SOLD OUT
– Last tickets: 400 kr
– Support tickets: 450 kr – for you who can afford it and want us to be able to organize similar events in the future. all the money will of course be spent on this and future events
– Volunteers: FREE (in order to be a volunteer you need to be referred to us by a common friend of the organizers!)

The link to membership :

The link to the tickets:


20:00 – 22:00 Admission to the party (no later entry will be allowed)
21:00 – 22:00 Speed dating and other kinky socializing games and hang out (if you plan to participate in the speed dating you need to be inside the venue by 20:45)
22:00 – 03:00 The main fuckery! People who don’t want to participate in the speed dating will be directed first to the dance floor and social area until 22. at 22 we open the play area too.

If you are interested in organizing a workshop, email us at


Dress code:
Wear whatever makes YOU feel kinky and sexy. We ain’t no cops. Just don’t wear ss uniforms or some shit! Don’t come in jeans or some normie outfit either. We encourage goth aesthetics, but we don’t require it.

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